Legacy Financial Network was founded on the belief that the client should come first and everything else will fall in line. By not having “account minimums” like most other wealth management firms, we set our priority to helping people with their retirement, not our revenue. This belief is carried on through education of our clients, agents, and staff.

Our company has expanded to 3 locations in Michigan with its growth fueled by focusing only on those people who are preparing for, or already in retirement. This success has led to the formation of LFN Advisors, Inc. and Legacy Network Properties. These additional companies have allowed Legacy to lower and control costs.

Legacy Financial Network

Legacy Financial Network (Legacy) is an independent, privately-owned insurance organization focused on retirement products. Their product lines offer clients the opportunity to soar with safety into their golden years by providing income for life and legacy planning, to ensure generational wealth, to protect, to serve and to prosper.

LFN Advisors, Inc.

LFN Advisors, Inc. (LFNA) is a registered investment advisor (RIA). LFNA serves individuals entering or already in retirement, by creating a comprehensive financial plan for each person they serve. LFNA plans consider ways to potentially maximize social security benefits, lower risk through the utilization of standard deviation, lower costs by eliminating commissionable investing, proper utilization of Roth conversions rather than contributions, and multi-generational gifting. LFNA will give each client the analysis of their current plan and the analysis of the proposed plan, along with the steps needed to implement without any charge or commitment from the individual to become a client. LFNA utilizes third party managers (TPM) and model portfolios.